You won't believe how many and what kinds of weapons are confiscated by TSA at BWI airport

BALTIMORE - "It looks heavy, very heavy," Lisa Farbstein said as she dumped a box of tools, weapons, and sharp objects onto a table.

Farbstein works for the Transportation Security Administration. She says it takes just a couple days to pack a box full of weapons to the brim that were voluntarily surrendered to TSA.

"Here it is more than a dozen years after 9/11 and you would think that people would know by now that these sorts of things are not really to be in the cabin of an airplane," said Farbstein.


It's not just small pocket knives that are brought to checkpoints. ABC2 In Focus Investigators saw an array of large cooking knives, a 5-pound hook and chain, and a 12-inch cleaver. But Farbstein said she's not surprised at any of the items.

"We see thousands and thousands of people a day and you can't make up the stuff that they bring to a checkpoint." Said Farbstein.

The items that we found were voluntarily surrendered to TSA. Travelers can either put them in checked baggage, take them to their vehicle, pass them off to non traveling companions, or hand them over to the TSA.

"We are mystified as to how they forget that they have them with them which is their No. 1 excuse," Farbstein said.

Farbstein said they're packing about three boxes full every week.

"If we keep up at this pace, we're going to set yet another record. And that's a record we don't want to set," Farbstein said.

She said they're seeing a spike in firearms found in TSA checkpoints across the country. In a single day in June, agents found 18 guns at checkpoints across the country. So far this year, TSA agents nationwide have seen over 900 firearms brought to checkpoints. In all of 2013, they saw a little more than 1,800.

"Let's just be perfectly frank, there's no reason you're going to need that on an airplane," Farbstein said.

Farbstein says the TSA has app that explains whether or not certain items can make it through the TSA checkpoints.

Meanwhile, the fees for airport security are about to go up: