Parents discover baby monitors hacked

So many parents use baby monitors, but now strangers are hacking into them seeing inside the baby's bedroom.

Parents Heather & Adam Schreck heard a man's voice in their ten-month-old daughter's bedroom.  They say they thought someone had broken into their home.

Panicked, they ran to the nursery, only to find it was a virtual intruder.  The hacker spoke through a baby monitor connected to the internet.

Joseph Carrigan, from Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute, explained how they did it.

Carrigan says, "These are network accessible IP [baby monitors] and can connect to the local area network.  We don't know if they're exploiting a weak security."

He says baby monitors aren't the only thing to watch. He says, "Hackers always after your PCs, always after anything they can get their hands on.  I'm kind of expecting to see they'll be after after our refrigerators once they go on the internet."