Email to Monarch patients says no refunds but can continue treatment at other clinics

Timonium, MD - The Timonium med spa that shut its doors in September after three patients got sick and one died from an invasive infection, is dealing with some angry customers.  Some had paid for on-going treatments they now can't get locally and they can't talk about it, according to documents obtained by ABC2.

Patients who paid Monarch Med Spa for treatments that are done over a course of months are being told they can't get their money back.  Instead, ABC2 News Investigators have learned some have gotten emails from the company, saying the med spa has "closed indefinitely and does not have the financial ability to issue refunds". 

The email goes on to say that clients can go to the other four Monarch companies, which have "graciously agreed to provide/meet the treatment obligations of the Timonium entity".  Patients complain the two closest locations are in Greenville, Delaware and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Both locations are more than an hour's drive from the Baltimore area.

ABC2 News has also obtained a copy of the "Client Contract" Monarch patients are asked to sign before treatment.  A portion of the contract requires clients to sign a "Non-Disparagement Agreement", in which the client agrees not to say anything about Monarch or its owners, officers, directors, employees or agents in a "false or negative light". 

ABC2 News has spoken exclusively with the attorney representing Monarch, Ely Goldin.  He says the company is in a holding pattern when it comes to determining refunds because of the on-going investigation being conducted by state health departments in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Goldin says Monarch is not standing in the way of refunds for customers who have paid by credit card or financed their treatment through Care Credit.

Goldin emphasized the company has been cooperative with the investigation.  As for the Non-Disparagement Agreement within the company's contract, he says the company has no intent to go after anyone who speaks negatively of the company and expects clients to cooperate fully with government agencies involved in the investigation.

Consumers who want to file a complaint related to refund or contract issues should contact the Maryland Attorney General's Office.  You can reach their Consumer Hotline by calling 410-528-8662.

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