Dispatch tapes detail the day Baltimore cop was knocked off the JFX

BALTIMORE - It’s been nearly three years since a Baltimore Police officer was thrown off the side of the JFX in an accident that stopped traffic and ended a career. 

Tonight at 11, ABC2 Investigators speak with Teresa Rigby as she talks for the first time about that accident and the man who caused it. 

But first, with the help of dispatch recordings, we’re taking you back through the day of her crash, June 21, 2011.

More than any other call you'll hear on dispatch, a Signal 13 springs police officers into action.  It is the code for an officer down.  On June 21, 2011, it was the call officers on Baltimore’s police force heard at 9:28 in the morning.

"They're telling me she may have went over the bridge," the dispatcher said.

Patrol Officer Teresa Rigby was the officer she was talking about.  She had been knocked over the wall of the JFX in a crash that happened as she waited with a disabled car on the side of the highway.

The moments that followed were chaotic as dispatchers and officers tried to find figure out where the young officer working Car 31 had landed.

"Did you find her? Did you find her,” the dispatcher asked, “33 did you find 31?”

As the unidentified officer told dispatch he was getting out of his car to look for Rigby, the injured officer utters just three words, “This is 31."

Rigby said those words as she laid in the parking lot of the Pepsi Plant on Union Avenue.  She had fallen more than 30 feet from the highway, but was conscious when officers found her. 

The recordings released by the Baltimore Police Department indicate emergency personnel located Rigby and had her loaded in an ambulance bound for Shock Trauma within 15 minutes of the initial call for help.

Rigby stayed at Shock Trauma for nearly a week and was then transferred to Kernan Hospital, where she underwent intense rehabilitation.  Teresa has had multiple surgeries to repair injuries to her leg and face.  She has never talked with the media about the crash until now.  Watch our exclusive interview with Teresa Rigby tonight at 11 – after Scandal.           

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