Court records detail custody background in Amber Alert case

Court docs show Virts' potential for violence

BALTIMORE - Court records obtained by ABC2 investigators show concerns that the man at the center of an Amber Alert had the potential to be violent.  

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A protective order was filed in 2012 in Baltimore against Timothy Virts, who is wanted in connection with the murder of Bobbie Jo Cortez, of Dundalk.  The order was filed by Virts' father, Peter, who lives in Baltimore.

According to the 2012 order, Peter Virts was concerned about his own safety, as well as the safety of Timothy Virts' two young sons, who were in the elder Virts custody according to a previous agreement.  He cited abuse including threats, verbal abuse and stalking in the order.

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In a written description Peter Virts says Timothy was living with family and had been evicted.  Peter Virts said, "Every time he gets drunk or on drugs, he believes that I cause his problems.  He's threatening to break my jaw and my life itself."

Peter Virts also said Timothy had been trying to scare his sons, saying he made them and that they belong to him.

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The protective order, which was originally filed in the summer of 2012, was dismissed just a few weeks later.

Court records also provide greater detail about the relationship between Timothy Virts and the mother of his children, Bobbie Jo Cortez.

When initially filing for custody in Baltimore City Circuit Court in 2010, Cortez (then Wallace) indicated she wanted custody of the couple's twin daughters, saying they had lived with her and she'd been responsible for feeding and clothing them.  

Records show she agreed to allow Virts to take the girls on holidays and every other weekend, although she did not want to be part of his life, saying, "I can get someone to bring them to him.  I really don't want any contact between him and I."

PDF: Order giving Bobbie Jo Wallace custody the twins

In 2011, Bobbie Jo was granted sole physical custody of the couple's daughters, with Timothy Virts given visitation every other weekend and on other occasions.  There are no public records indicating a recent request for a change in custody by either party.  Baltimore County's Department of Social Services wouldn't confirm or deny whether a hearing relating to the couple was scheduled for this week, indicating that matters related to child abuse and neglect are confidential.

As for custody of the couple's twin boys, that was granted to Peter Virts and his companion upon their birth in 2004. According to court records, Peter Virts indicated Bobbie Jo and Timothy had three children already at home and "could not care for two additional infants at this time."  Those children continue to live with the elder Virts in Baltimore.

PDF: Protective order filed by Peter Virts against his son, Timothy

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