Court documents: Sports55 owner owes thousands to sports companies

ABC2 In Focus Investigators first uncovered problems with Sports55 last year. The company shut its doors in December after 28 complaints with the Maryland Attorney General and nearly 200 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. That same month, Mary Wohlstein, whom records show is related to John Eberl, reopened the doors under a new name: TeamUniforms123.

When the Attorney General filed suit in mid June, he listed Eberl and Kelly Burke as the owners of Sports55, TeamUniforms123, and Dyesubsports. Less than a week later, Eberl's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case closed.

We got a hold of documents that show Eberl's total assets were $544,000. His liabilities were nearly $1.3 million. Documents show he owed $163,000 to four screen printing and sports companies across the country.

In Focus Investigators went by Eberl's nearly half a million dollar home Tuesday to get answers. We knocked on the door and called, and although we could hear someone inside, no one answered the door.

The biggest complaints that were rolling in about the companies state that teams would pay for uniforms and jerseys and the product came extremely late and wrong, or never at all.

TeamUniforms123 has recently changed it's website to say they are no longer taking new orders as they work to complete the backlog.