BBB warns against scam e-mails

The Better Business Bureau says across the board, scammers are getting smarter about tracking you down and finding ways that will make you respond.

The In Focus team was forwarded an e-mail that the BBB believes to be a scam in August. It's from an apparent Officer in the Army looking for a good Samaritan to keep some of his valuables. 

"Hi, I'm Cpt.Dennis Hall and I'm an officer of the United States Army. Please kindly hit me back if you can assist me with the safe keeping of some valuables packages. I will share more details as soon as I get a positive response.


God Bless


Cpt. Dennis Hall"

"He's with the military. You'd think he's probably got some brothers in service, some family members, somewhere in that chain of command where somebody that he knows that could certainly do this captain a favor," said Jody Thomas, with the Better Business Bureau.

Thomas says anytime a random person reaches out to you via e-mail for a favor, it's probably a scam. But it goes even further, she says taking a closer look at the e-mail itself tells you a lot. Looking at the sender's domain address, we can see it was from Argentina.

"That just doesn't add up a military, a service member-- so that's another thing that we would say, you know, this is really odd," said Thomas.

She also calls the grammatical errors and typos throughout the brief e-mail 'odd.'

"Typos, grammar, certainly 'hit me back'-- some of the language was very formal and then very informal. That kind of suggests someone who may be a little bit less familiar with the English language has composed that email," she said.

In Focus Investigators responded to the e-mail to see if any further directions or steps would be followed. So far, the team has not heard back.

"We don't really know where that e-mail is going. So were you really going to get a package or was there going to be eventually a request for money? Probably somewhere down the line they are going to want either some personal or financial information and that would be the final tip off," said Thomas.