BBB: Sports company once known as Sports55 opens under new name, complaints continue

Last July, ABC2 Investigators exposed Sports55 , a Maryland based uniform company that, according to the Better Business Bureau, raked in more than 190 complaints. Many of those complaints were based around wrong orders, lateness, and typically never receiving the uniforms at all.

"I always think of the Little Leagues; it's the apple pie, it speaks to the hearts of America," said Angie Barnett, with the Better Business Bureau. "And when you're thinking about these teams not having uniforms, and the sponsors behind them who contribute and expect to see their logos on the uniforms and didn't receive them, that was a pretty big news story."

Sports55 closed their doors in January with many complaints still unanswered. Soon after, the company announced they were bought out and their name changed to TeamUniforms123. According to the BBB, three managers from Sports55 still remain employed at TeamUniforms123. And even under a new name, the company has already racked up at least 30 complaints.

"Our concern popped up when in March and April and now in May, we're seeing the same business practices that occurred with Sports55," Barnett said. "The same patterns of behavior that result in customer dissatisfaction is now being carried over in TeamUniforms123."

On their website, TeamUniforms123 says they're available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. ABC2 Investigators called several numbers, a machine prompted us to e-mail if we're checking on the status of an order, but there no option to leave a voicemail. Our e-mail to the company was undeliverable because the address listed "failed" because their mailbox is full.

"What also adds fuel to this fire is not only do they not receive them, they don't get customer service. So many of these complaints, as they did with Sports55, reflect to BBB: 'We've tried to call, we've tried to e-mail, we can't get anyone to speak with us about this matter,'" Barnett said.

Barnett says TeamUniforms123 originally said they'd attempt to take care of some of Sports55's complaints, but she says not much has changed.

According to the Better Business Bureau, TeamUniforms123 has 39 total complaints so far this year, 34 of them are still pending. The BBB has given the company an "F" rating.