Financial advice for the Mega Millions winner

Owings Mills, MD - A line of people at the 7-11 in Lutherville have one wish – to win the world's largest lottery jackpot.  Leslie Tinati says she only needs one.

"One versus 176 million chance that you're going to win, so I don't want to waste money on that because I don't think I'm going to win," said Tinati.   

But Mike Gonzalez in front of her pulled out $100.

"Before I cash it, hire some good financial people to run my money," said Gonzalez. 

That's a good start, according to Stuart Ritter, a financial planner at T. Rowe Price.   

"The first thing you should do is nothing, pause, wait six months before you do anything.  Certainly cash the ticket in, but don't make any decisions.  Don't make any commitments," said Ritter. 

"Money is supposed to fix everything, right.  And the reality is it's what you do with it and your relationships with people and how you handle that money that's going to dictate your happiness," said Ritter.  

Julia Mitchell seems to get it. 

"I'm a social worker, so being able to do a lot of good, help charities, perhaps start my own charity, kind of make a difference and have an impact on lots of people not just a few," Mitchell says.   

There is a one in 40 chance you will win something, from $2 to $250,000.

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