Chimps back in their habitat after escape at Kansas City Zoo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Zoo officials say the chimpanzees are back in their habitat after escaping on Thursday afternoon.

Zoo Spokesperson Julie Neermeyer says the chimps were in the zoo, in a behind-the-scenes area. Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff said one of the chimps propped up a six-foot log to climb and get on the fence. About six other chimps followed closely behind.

Wisthoff says the biggest chimp was 150 pounds, with the smallest being 80 pounds.

There were probably between 100 and 200 people in area when the chimps escaped.

The chimps were never in any public area. Zoo visitors had been taken indoors as a precaution.

The zoo has been closed for the evening. The chimps will not be on display on Friday as crews look for weak parts of tree that chimps could pull down. 



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