Beaten, burglarized and dog stolen in Cecil County

Crime rampant in Winding Brook neighborhood

ELKTON, Md. - At night, fear drives them behind closed doors, but by day, curiosity finds neighbors in Winding Brook sharing notes on the latest crimes.

"This is the second time that certain person got jumped on... sitting in his van... and nobody knows why," said Edward Gates, "It's like nobody's trying to find out why."

The latest attack came when two laborers returned home from work and decided to unwind in the truck before walking into their respective townhomes.

"(They were) consuming beer inside their vehicle, " said Sgt. Joe Wilson of the Cecil County Sheriff's Office, "One of the subjects got out of the vehicle and went inside a neighbor's house.  The victim was approached by three black males and struck in the face by an unknown object.  It caused pretty significant injury to his face."

An hour after the attack, the victim made his way two doors down to his co-worker's place covered in blood.

"Whenever he got out of the van and walked to the house, somebody came and whupped him and then they robbed whatever was inside the house," said Geraldo Jimenez.

They took his big screen tv, his laptop computer, his dog and they nearly took his life.

The victim sustained a fractured bone in his face and needed more than 80 stitches to close a gash in his head, but neighbors say it could have been worse.

These memorials suggest it usually is in Winding Brook.

Cheri Black lost her brother last year.

"He died supposedly two houses down and they picked his body up and they put him outside of my mother's house," said Black.

Home invasions, shootings… even pizza delivery robberies---those who live here say it's at their own risk.

"That's the way it is out here," said Black, "I don't know what else to say."

"This is Winding Brook," added Gates, "Nobody cares about Winding Brook.  We're outside the town.  Nobody cares about us."

The victim's friend says the stolen dog mysteriously showed up the next day, and he can only resume the burglars returned it fearful it could tie them to the crimes.

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