Bargains available for Ravens fans wanting to travel to AFC Championship game

Tickets for less than $200

CATONSIVLLE, Md. - Following the Baltimore Ravens to Foxborough for the AFC Championship game had Maria Siebert searching for the best deal Monday morning, and she came up with a real bargain.

"Total package was about $655 per person," said Siebert.
"Including a ticket?"
"That's including a ticket, but that was first thing this morning.  Where it stands now... I don't know."

Tracking the numbers throughout the morning was left to Siebert's colleague, Cyndi Eicholtz, at Liberty Travel in Catonsville.

"It looks like air right now is fantastic," said Eicholtz, "It's running about 240 right now roundtrip up to Boston... real quick, hour and a half, non-stops.  Because of the flight schedules, people would probably have to stay until Monday in order to see the whole game, but there's plenty of air availability right now so it's the best time to do it."

Eicholtz says Southwest Airlines and Air Tran are the only non-stop flights to Boston, and as the planes begin to fill up, the prices will soar.

On the hotel front, the experts say most people will book in Boston so they can enjoy taking in some of the sights before and after the game.

Many of the hotels there are offering packages of their own.

And finally, there's the matter of scoring tickets to the game, and the prices fluctuate depending upon the seats.

On EBay, you can buy a pair on the 50-year line for as much as $6,600, but you could also score a single on Stub Hub for less than $200.

"Right now tickets are available on Ticketmaster and on Stub Hub and those websites will have plenty of ticket availability," said Eicholtz, "They're probably not the least expensive, but if you really want to go I know we've seen some in the $200 price range, which is great for a playoff game."

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