Bank deposit bag full of cash left on top of vehicle

Some motorists have returned cash

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - He earns the highest of praises from customers at his Glen Burnie convenience store.
"I don't care what 7-11 you go to, you'll never see a person work as hard and fast as that man does," said John Brinn.

But that man, owner Roy Weerasinghe, has reach a low point.
He had taken thousands of dollars in cash receipts from the store to deposit Wednesday, but the bank had already closed.
Thursday morning, he got ready to leave his home with the deposit bag when he got distracted.
"I was going out to my car and I saw the trash lying outside and it was my trash day.  So I left the money on top of my Jeep and took the trash out to the street," said Weerasinghe.

Roy jumped into his Jeep and headed up Interstate 97 before he realized what he had done, but it was too late.

The cash had already flown off, spilling along the highway and by the time he doubled back, cars had parked on both side of the road and people scrambled to scoop it up.

"I asked people, 'What are you looking for?' and they said, 'A pile of money flew out of the car.'"

At first, police suspect Roy might have made up the story, gambling the money away at the new slots casino, but that was before they learned he would have to make up every dime of the lost money to the company out of his own pocket.
He's now at the mercy of the money-grabbing motorists to return it.
"I hope that in your good heart, you will return the money and give it to us because I have two children and a wife and we work hard every single day... sometimes seven days a week to make a living and if I don't get this money back, I'm going to have a hard time."

So far three people have returned some of the money to the Maryland State Police barrack in Glen Burnie including the deposit bag and hundreds of dollars, but it's only a fraction of the missing money.

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