Local man reminisces winning Oscar

BALTIMORE - ABC2 first met Errol Webber at his Alma Mater Millford Mill Academy in 2010.  He visited the school with Oscar in hand after winning an Academy Award as the cinematographer on the documentary film "Music by Prudence," which covers the lives of 8 disabled musicians that comprise a band called Leana .

"It humbles you a little bit…because a lot of people work many years, sometimes decades…on a film that wins any award," Webber said.

Webber reached what some would consider the pinnacle of a career but he wasn't at the end, he was just getting started.

"They said on stage ‘and the award goes to Music by Prudence', and they named the producers and the producers went down and as my phone is vibrating from all my friends calling to congratulate I'm sitting there slouching in my chair in the Kodak Theater saying to myself "what now?" said Webber.

Webber has now produced 11 documentaries which have exposed him to many various people and cultures in the world.  He has covered everything from a documentary on an HIV awareness program in Zambia to a documentary featuring volunteer doctors in Liberia.

"Chronicling a small town in Delaware and just because it's a small town doesn't mean it can't have a big town video," Webber said.

Although he was doing what he loves, Webber longed to get back to the excitement of Oscar night.

"You walk out onto the red carpet to this impenetrable wall of cameras and you're like yeah I'm at the Oscars. Your hands start to shake and your voice starts to shake and your leg starts to shake," Webber said.

Webber and some of his 120 closest friends will transform Baltimore into Hollywood on Sunday when Webber hosts an Oscar party.

Although Webber has an Oscar to his credit, it hasn't caused him to lose focus of what his purpose in life is: storyteller.

Oscar Quick Facts

First Oscars
Emil Jannings received the first Oscar for Best Actor in 1929 for roles in "The Last Command and "The Way of All Flesh." The Oscar for Best Actress went to Janet Gaynor for her roles in "7th Heaven" and "Street Angel."

Best Actress in 1980
Sally Field took the honor of Best Actress for her role in "Norma Rae." She beat out a tough group -- Jill Clayburgh, Jane Fonda, Marsha Mason and Bette Midler.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion has played host to more Academy Awards ceremonies than any other venue (20+).

Bob Hope
Prior to his 2003 death, Bob Hope hosted the Academy Awards 18 times. He hosted the Oscars more than any other. The closest to Hope's total is Billy Crystal (8).

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