List reveals best, worst entry-level jobs

For newly-minted college grads, the start of summer means something different than it used to: time to look for a job.

With a 6.3 percent national unemployment rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the job market is looking up, finding the right job isn’t always an easy task.

Many college graduates, as well as other job-seekers, are looking not only for a job to pay the bills but also for a long-lasting career with growth potential.

To that end, WalletHub has put together a list of the best and worst entry-level jobs, by comparing 109 different types of entry-level jobs based on metrics ranging from starting salaries to the chosen industry’s growth rate.

10 best entry-level jobs:
1. Web applications developer
2. Information security analyst
3(tie). Designer- web
3(tie). Attorney
5. Software engineer
6. Financial analyst
7. Market research analyst
8. Network engineer
9. Training specialist
10. Programmer

10 worst entry-level jobs:
1. Consumer loan servicing clerk
2. Boilermaker
3. Claims processing clerk
4. Electronics assembler
5. Architectural drafter
6. Floor assembler
7. Welder
8. Teller
9. Tool and die maker
10. Policy processing clerk

To see the full report, including a list of the highest and lowest starting salaries, click here

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