Lions, tigers, bears destroy jeans for charity

Lions, tigers and bears ... are now jean designers? Oh my, indeed.

In an industry where consumers pay as much as hundreds of dollars for a pair of ripped jeans, one Japanese brand claims to have the most unique pairs in the world. 

What are described as "the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals," Zoo Jeans have been distressed by one Japanese zoo's most ferocious residents.

The process starts when tires and other objects covered in denim are thrown into some of the zoo's animal compounds where tigers, lions and bears tear and chew into the fabric to create the look. 

Typical methods of achieving the same design in a factory, such as sandblasting, have been criticized for being harmful to workers' health.

To learn more about the jeans, including how to snag a pair for yourself, watch this Newsy video.

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