Komen MD facing donation shortfall; could cut programs by April

BALTIMORE - It is one of the biggest fundraising events of its kind.

The Race for the Cure is about winning against breast cancer.

Most local events are as big as the New York City Marathon.

But it's the stories and triumphs of individuals that make this event one that makes people willing to give.

But the story for Komen in 2012 was told a different way.

In February the national organization at cutoff funding for breast cancer screening to planned Parenthood after coming under political pressure.

Although it reversed itself a week later many donors were angered and the damage to Komen Maryland and many other state chapters was done.

"People were confused about how it affects us locally but it doesn't we proceeded as business as normal because we don't' have a planned parenthood grant they never applied for funding from us that's not to say that they wouldn't be eligible for it would be based on our grant review bit it didn't impact us."   Komen Maryland Spokeswoman Brittany Fowler says.

This coupled with a slow economy has left Komen Maryland almost a million dollars short of their three point one million dollar fundraising goal for the year.

Dozens of programs ranging from breast screening and treatment, to child care and support groups are in jeopardy.

"Last year we funded 26 programs and grant funded out 2.2 million dollars so it's a lot of money and of all the money that we raised here 75 percent stays in the state the other 25 percent goes over to national for research program to help find cures but the main 75 percent does everything from screening treatment education and support services." Fowler says.

Komen Maryland will start putting together its funding package for the organizations it helps in the next six weeks or so.

They have until when their fiscal year starts to make up the million dollar shortfall.

If not some of the organizations on their list will either lose some or all of their funding.


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