Just the facts on Synthetic Pot

BALTIMORE - What is it called??

Synthetic pot goes by a variety of names including K2, Spice, Pep Spice, Black Mamba, Ocean Breeze, Dragon, Bombay Blue and other catchy names.


What's in it??

Synthetic pot contains a set of chemicals including JWH18, JWH200, JWH73, JWH250, JWH19, HU210, CP47/497, C8-47/497. Some of those ingredients have been banned by the DEA, although many brands of synthetic pot are being sold stating they do not contain those chemicals. Each batch is different and there is no regulated form. The drug was first designed to help cancer patients increase their appetite, but was later morphed into its current form for illicit use.


What does it look like??

Synthetic pot is often packaged in small packs or baggies. It's often labeled as "herbal incense" or "aromatic potpourri" and is made up of crushed herbs sprayed with set of chemicals intended to mimic THC, the drug found in marijuana. Many of the packages have the phrase, "Not for human consumption" on the packaging.


How do you use it??

It's typically put into a pipe or rolled into a cigarette and smoked.


What do they do to you??

Smoking synthetic pot can cause anxiety, paranoia, nausea and confusion in the short-term.


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