Just the facts on Bath Salts

What is it called?

Bath salts, Plant food, Ivory Wave, Blow, Red Dove, Vanilla Sky, Aura, Zeus 2, Zoom, Bliss, Blue Silk, White Lightning, Ocean, Charge, Cosmic Blast, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Cloud 9, Energy 1, White Dove, and others.


What's in it?

Bath salts contain a chemical known as MDPV (methylenedioxy pyrovalerone) or mephedrone.


What does it look like?

Bath salts are a small, crystal powder sold in small baggies or containers. The containers are often marked with the phrase, "Not for human consumption".


How do you use it?

Bath salts mimic the same high as methamphetamine or cocaine. They are usually crushed and then smoked, snorted, ingested or injected.


What do they do to you?

Bath salts can cause severe symptoms, including paranoia, violent behavior, agitation, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, hyperawareness, tightening blood vessels, higher blood pressure as well as possible heart attack, psychosis and stroke.


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