Jetliner, those aboard missing 25 days; still no breaks in case

Just five days before cockpit recorder signal gone

As investigators enter the 25th day since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, there has been no break in the case, and any debris spotted in the Indian Ocean has not been linked to the plane.

The search is currently focused on a southern area of the ocean, and it’s based on a best-guess estimation from satellite science information. Debris could now be far from the possible crash site, and with few days left before the cockpit recorder signal expires, the odds of finding the plane have sharply lowered.

Other details:

--  The search has been greatly hampered by so much garbage in the ocean, and has shed light on the growing problem of so much debris in the water. According to CNN, more thank a third of the 7 billion people in the world live within 60 miles of an ocean coast, and their waste inevitably reaches the water.

--  All 227 passengers about MH370 have been cleared of wrongdoing and are not suspected in hijacking or sabotage, Malaysian police said today.

--  Nothing about the pilots suggests either had a motive for causing the jetliner’s disappearance.

--  Nearly 200 people have been interviewed by authorities searching for clues, including families of those aboard and anyone who has had access to the plane, according to CNN.

--  Last week, the U.S. Navy sent a Bluefin-21 autonomous sub to Australia to prepare for a deep-water search, should any spots me identified as possibly having wreckage from the jetliner. The Associated Press reports the unmanned sub can dive about 14,800 feet.

Information from CNN and the Associated Press appears in this report.

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