Mother advocates for family-centered C-sections

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Editor’s Note: The original version of this story was edited to correct misspellings, and inaccuracies. We have also removed content we did not have permission to republish. We regret these errors.

The first two Caesarean sections for Kristen Caminiti were considered  typical.

Her two sons were born, held up for her to see and then taken away to be cleaned up.

They were healthy. The Crofton resident’s husband, Matt,followed behind.

However, it was a great time later before Caminiti  got to hold them for the first time.

For her third pregnancy, that changed when she learned about a procedure called the “family-centered C-section.” In the procedure, the mother gets to watch the baby being born and also gets a chance to hold her baby within minutes of being born.

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After learning there was a chance to make contact with her son moments after he was born, Caminiti got to work contacting her obstetrician and asking if she could incorporate the procedure.

From her doctor, the delivery unit at Anne Arundel Medical Center worked to make it happen.

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She was among the first at the hospital to have the procedure done. Caminiti and her husband were thrilled.

“We were excited that this was happening,” she said. “And that we were able to work with medical professionals to make it happen.”

On Oct. 4, Caminiti and her husband  welcomed their third son into the world through a third C-section.

Then, while she was getting major surgery, medical personnel were able to put the son into her arms.

“These thirty or so minutes were some of the most peaceful and amazing of my life,” Caminiti described. “ The doctors were sewing up my belly, using stitches and glue. I was in an operating room, and I was having major surgery.“

Since talking about the procedure,word has spread throughout Anne Arundel County. More and more mothers have expressed an interest in experiencing a new type of childbirth.