How the graphs & charts page works

We've developed a series of charts & graphs that will give you a way to easily compare the doctors in this report, the complaints they face, and the length of time it took for the Maryland Board of Physician's to take action against the doctors.

There are three section of this interactive component. The first plots the doctors onto a map that shows you where they were practicing when the last complaint against them was filed.

The second section gives a detailed timeline for when the complaint was filed, what type of complaint it was, and how long it took for the disciplinary action to happen.

The third part ranks the doctors in terms of the lag time for disciplinary action. They are ranked longest to shortest.

QUICK TIP:  Use the drop down menu at the top to sort to a specific doctor. This will change all of the interactive components and give you specific details about the selected doctor.

Of those 49 physicians, the suspension/revocation/probation of their licenses came as a result of:

Sexual Misconduct (6)
Substance Abuse (11)
Unjustifiable Prescriptions (15)

Miscellaneous (21)

Of the 44 doctors with a specific, known date of notification to the board, the average length of time for discipline was 21 months. ( Get More Quick Facts )

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