Hero of Baltimore

Ray Rice picks up the tab

Baltimore -      Every once in a lifetime, you meet a man, who makes a difference in ours.  Ray Rice is that man.  Today the Ravens superstar came with gifts for those with the least.  

     To the hands that have been worn by life, to the feet that walk down different road, this was not a typical day at Our Daily Bread.

"I'm here!', a surprise on Fallsway before Thanksgiving, Ravens superstar Ray Rice.

"I just shook his hand, I just shook his hand", a diner said as he was about to sit down at a table.

"It's not about wins and loses, its about giving back", said Rice.

This noon Ray bought lunch for 800 people.

"Man, meeting Ray Rice is a true blessing", said a surprise gentlemen.

Nobody knew he was coming.

One man was so choked up over meeting Rice and finding out what he did that he couldn't speak.

We saw a man in a Ravens cape.  His name is Charles and he is the host at Our Daily Bread, "To feed the homeless and to see Ray Rice, what a special day."

Ray says, this is home and you help your friends.  He says his life could have gone a different path and that all he needed was opportunity.  For the 800 here today he wants to look them in the eye and give them hope.

Bill McCarthy who runs Catholic Charities said, "It just goes to show you what one person can do to help."

Ray bought chicken, potato salad, vegetables and cupcakes.  The cupcakes were made by little Adriana Scott who calls Ray, "A nice man."

I asked Ray, "Is this better than beating Pittsburgh?"  He said, "Yes, because to put a smile on hometown faces means the world to him."

Catholic Charities cannot remember one man buying 800 lunches before.  And did you know that since June of 1981 Our Daily Bread has never missed serving a meal!

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