Want to get in shape in the New Year? Get a personal trainer

 A lot of us will be resolving to hit the gym next week to get back into shape.

But for some, keeping that New Year's resolution can be tough.

There's one thing you can do to stick with it so working out doesn't become a chore.

Life has turned around for Cuindy Brandt, she's stronger, she's healthier, and her priorities have changed.

"My priority every day is getting up, getting out of bed and getting to the gym."

But it wasn't always that way. Cuindy says, "Really it was a ball of stress, I had gone through an incredibly stressful year period at work and I wasn't eating well, spending too much time in the office, leading a too sedentary of a lifestyle and I knew from that point that I really had to change."

For Cuindy, change started when she met personal trainer Doug Bopst at the MAC Express in Hunt Valley.

Doug says, "It's been really great to be able to experience how I can help other people do the same and improve everybody's life day in and day out."

Under Doug's direction, Cuindy has lost 35 pounds over the last year. But she's not the only one who's benefitted.

Doug says, "I could barely walk a quarter of a mile without being out of breath. I was a heavy smoker, drinker, everything was going the wrong way, I decided I had to make a change or a I don't know if I'd even be alive today."

So Doug got in shape, lost 50 pounds, became a personal trainer and is now helping people get back on track.

He takes his job seriously, knowing his every word can make a difference. "Don't focus on how far you have to go, focus on how far you've come. Take baby steps today and tomorrow."

Cuindy says, "I truly believe if you have a friend you're working out with you hold yourself accountable and you get there."

Having that personal trainer can help you turn your New Year's resolution into a lifestyle change that doesn't fade away.

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