Trying to get in-shape? There's a smartphone app to help you

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Meghan Cooper is one busy mom, juggling a newborn with dishes,  laundry and taking care of her other daughter.

So, she's a fan of phone apps that help save her time and stay on top of her family's health.

Cooper says, "I use a handful of apps on my phone to help me lose baby weight, to keep track of my health along with my baby's."

She has to keep an especially close eye on her infant.  Her smart phone is a stand in for a stethoscope.

It's also ideal for monitoring Meghan's caloric intake and exercise as she tries to lose the baby weight.

 There are 13,000 apps and more added each day.

Brian Dolan of MobiHealthNews says, "There's an additional 5,000-6000 apps for physicians, nurses, medical students, really medical professionals."

 An iPhone app even allows you to check your glucose level and create charts based on it.

 Are you worried about skin cancer?  You can send a picture through your phone of your moles and freckles to find out if they're a threat.

 The Food & Drug Administration is working now on guidelines that will regulate certain apps, just as it does medical devices.

 In the meantime, the Federal Trade Commission keeps an eye on the claims being made.

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