Too much time on social media could make gain weight

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends who may not live close by.     

But a recent study finds spending too much time on social network sites could disrupt your diet plan.

A study found the group that was on social media tended to eat higher fat, higher calorie foods.

Whereas the group that was looking at news website were looking for healthier choices.

Registered dietician Amy Jamieson-Petonic with Cleveland Clinic says, "It's really easy to get distracted and be less mindful when you're on the computer than if you're sitting at the dining room table focusing on the food choices that you have, I mean it really is easy to get distracted and make unhealthy choices."

Researchers think social network use can decrease self-control by enhancing our self-esteem.

This can cause us to do things like overspend and overeat.

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