Tips to help prevent kidnapping

Tips from Kidpower

BALTIMORE - Here are some tips from Kidpower, a non-profit organization that provides resources to help prevent bullying and child abuse, increase stranger awareness, and personal safety for children teens, and adults.

1. Teach kids to get help if anything seems unsafe.

Encourage your children to let you or other safe adults know if they think something or someone is not safe, even if they know that person. According to Kidpower, children are most likely to be harmed by someone they know.


2. Use the word ‘stranger' calmly and accurately so kids understand more and worry less.

There is no need for children to be worried whenever they see a stranger. Children need to learn to use "stranger safety habits" and then not worry when being around most strangers.


3. Make and practice safety plans for getting help.

Make sure kids know who the safe people are to go to for help everywhere they go (like police, cashiers, etc.)


4. Teach kids about personal information.

Children should know how to contact you and other family members if you get separated. They should also know when not to give away their personal information.


5. Practice yelling and running to get help.

Teach children to shout and move when someone is acting in a scary way. Have them practice saying "No! Stop!" and I need help!" in a strong voice.

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