Tips to avoid pain from high heels

How to wear high heels without pain

Prime wedding season is just around the corner.

If you're the bride-to-be or a guest, whatever you do -- don't skimp on your shoes. It's important to think about your feet, or pay the price.
"They wear high heeled shoes for the first time and now they're coming in on Monday because now they're losing their toenail because there was so much pressure. They danced the night away, they didn't care and now they have what is called a subungual hematoma from the constant pressure of jamming of their toe nails in the shoes," said Joy Rowland, a podiatrist from Cleveland Clinic. 
 If you've ever slammed your finger in the door, you know what we're talking about. Some require no treatment at all while others may need to be drained. 
The nail may eventually fall off as well. Doctors say there's nothing wrong with buying new shoes for a special event but try to put your feet before fashion. 
 If you do plan to buy new shoes, shopping late in the day when your feet tend to swell. That way you won't end up with tight fitting shoes. 


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