Tips on cleaning your smartphone

Do you carry your smartphone everywhere?

It's easy to set it down on the bathroom sink or on the mats at the gym, but take caution because you could be collecting germs.

A lab tested eight random cellphones for the Wall Street Journal. All of the phones showed abnormally high amounts of bacteria that indicated fecal contamination.

So how do we keep our smartphones clean? The lab tested cleaning methods like water, Windex, alcohol and electronic cleaning wipes. 

Of all of the methods, water was the least effective, according to the article.

Phone companies warn using household cleaners to clean your smartphone could cause damage to the phone, particularly to the screen. 

Reps for Apple, Blackberry and Android told the paper they have no recommendations for products that would safely and effectively clean smartphones.

Some options, a spokesperson for the company that makes Windex says they have a line of cleaner specifically for electronics. 

Best Buy's geek squad recommends a UV disinfectant wand, its light rays apparently kill germs.

- Information from CNN

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