The skinny on reading sunscreen labels

Tips to get the best sunscreen protection

BALTIMORE - With the temperatures warming up, you know it's important to lather on the sunscreen when you're out in the sun.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, it's important to pay attention to the label to make sure you're getting the protection you need. Your first line of defense is the Sun Protection Factor or "SPF."

But to protect against both UVA and UVB rays also look for "Broad Spectrum" on the bottle. For the greatest protection, your sunscreen should be SPF 15 or higher and be broad spectrum.

You should also look for "Water Resistant" on the label too.

"What this tells you is it's more likely to stay on if you're swimming, sweating, doing something where water is touching the skin, but still it will only stay on for a finite amount of time. It will either give you a 40 minute or an 80 minute designation for how long it will last, said Dr. Jennifer Lucas, Cleveland Clinic. 

Just remember, no sunscreen provides all day protection. You'll need to reapply even if you're using the highest SPF.

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