Summer means greater risk for kids falling out of windows

On a nice summer evening, you might open the windows to enjoy the summer breeze.

But a warning if you have kids in the house, those open windows could pose a danger.

HowardCounty recently had three separate cases in which a 2, 3 and 5  year old got hurt. Oftentimes, those injuries can be serious.

Dr. Peter Beilenson, Howard County's health officer says, "A lot of them are head concussions or head injuries because the child falls head first or obviously fractures of a variety of sorts depending on how they fall."  

There are several ways to prevent a fall. "You don't want furniture or radiators right by the window, we don't want kids getting on those."  

Try not to open the window all the way. Dr. Beilenson says, "You want to have the window always at a low enough level that a kid can't fall out. So something 4 or 5 inches like that is obviously going to prevent an unfortunate injury."

If possible, open windows from the top, not the bottom. And don't rely on screens.

"Screens do not protect very well. Every case that I've heard of, the screen was found on the ground w/ the kid," says Dr. Beilenson.

Parents can install window guards or stops to prevent accidental falls. It's also important to be mindful of the cords on your blinds.

"So you got to make sure it's not tied together so you can't form a noose or keep it at such a level that it can't be reached by the child," says Dr. Beilenson.

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