Study: Men having extramarital sex more likely to have a heart attack

Another reason not to cheat

There are many reasons why you shouldn't cheat on your significant other.  And if you're a man, here's another reason:  Research says you're more likely to have a fatal heart attack.

A study by the University of Florence shows that "sudden coital death" is more common in men who are engaging in extramarital sex than men who have sex with their spouse, The Daily Mail reports.

Researchers couldn't give a precise reason for it but suggest that the increase risk of a heart attack may be from a guilty conscious, stress of keeping an affair a secret and the demands of a young lover.

"It is possible that a secret sexual encounter in an unfamiliar setting may significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate, leading to increased oxygen demand," researcher Dr. Alessandra Fisher told The Daily Mail.

There have been other studies that suggest infidelity can lead to heart failure.  The Huffington Post reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a study in January of this year that analyzed autopsy results of people who died from heart complications.  The study found that 75 percent of those who died during sex were having extramarital sex.

In 2009,. Italian researchers found that men in long-term affairs were more likely to have a serious heart attack than other men.

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