Study finds women's body issues can come from conversations with friends

Perception vs. reality of body image

When women get together, the talk can range from children, to husbands, to body issues.  It might seem like harmless chit-chat but scientists say a woman's body-related issues can be shaped by how her friends view their own problems.

The Daily Mail cites a study done by a school in Canada, which surveyed 75 pairs of female friends.  They asked how often they discuss things like weigh, exercise, appearance and food.  They also assessed the women's body image and the pressure they feel from friends about the way they look.

The study found, according to The Daily Mail, that more women felt under pressure to be thin because of their frequent conversations with friends about body image.

Researchers say the findings suggest that it's a woman's perception, and not her actual thoughts, that results in concerns over the way she looks and feels.



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