Study finds link between autism and mother's health

Doctors still don't know what causes autism. But there's a new study out that's shedding light on a possible risk factor.   

It found if you're obese, diabetic, and pregnant, you could have a slightly increased risk of having a baby with autism or other developmental disorders.      

University of California researchers examined more than 1,000 kids and their mother's health during pregnancy.

They found obese mothers had 1.6 times the chance of having a child with autism.

It also found they were more than twice as likely to have a child with another developmental disorder.

The risk increased for moms with diabetes and their kids also performed lower on language and communication tests.

Researchers say the rising rates of obesity and diabetes may be directly associated with neurodevelopmental problems in kids.

Dr. Thomas Frazier, with Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital says, "If moms want to have healthy kids this is important information for them. They need to know that if you really want to give your kid the best start in the world, and I'm sure every mom in the world wants that for their child, then you just have to pay very careful attention to your own health."    

The complete study can be found in the journal "Pediatrics."

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