Study finds keeping diet a secret is better

Do New Years resolutions to lose weight really work?

A new study out of the Cleveland Clinic has a tip to help you meet your goal. Don't tell anybody.

Experts say spilling the beans about your weight loss plans could have a detrimental effect.

Tara Harwood, a registered dietician with the Cleveland Clinic says, "You have to be very particular on who you choose. Make sure they are people who are going to encourage you and not hinder you and your success. So, you do want to tell some people, however, for the most part keep it to yourself and let other people gradually notice these changes in you."

A recent study looked at the difference between announcing your intention to lose weight versus keeping your goals quiet.

The study found a majority of the people who tell someone don't usually meet their goal because the recognition they get for their intentions is taken as an accomplishment in itself.

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