State youth survey identifies trends in teen behavior

Maryland's tough anti-bullying laws appear to be getting results. That's the word from the state, which just released new numbers on teen behavior.

The health department surveyed teenagers on everything from drugs and alcohol to bullying and sex.

Here's a look at some of the results:

·    Feel that teachers really care-increased

·    Felt sad and hopeless-decreased

·    Watched three or more hours of TV per day-decreased

·    Drank a soda one or more times per day during the past week-decreased

·    Carried a weapon-decreased

·    Carried a weapon on school property-decreased

·    Used any type of tobacco in the last 30 days-decreased

·    Smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days-decreased

·    Smoked a whole cigarette before age 13-decreased

·    Had a drink of alcohol before age 13—decreased

The full report, as well as state and county level data, are available here .

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