Sports medicine expert talks on wrestling risks

When we worry about protecting young athletes, football and concussions are usually the first thing that comes to mind. 

But other sports pose injury risks too.

On Thursday a Harford County Student was hurt while wrestling.

The fire department says he suffered a head and neck injury.

Sports medicine experts say wrestling poses unique injury risks.

Doctor Harrison Youmans of Union Memorial Sports Medicine says wrestlers can suffer knee and shoulder injuries, because they get in awkward positions.

It is also possible for wrestlers to suffer head, neck and spinal injuries, if they are pinned awkwardly and have an opponent's weight pressing down on top of them. 

If an athlete does suffer a head or neck injury, call an ambulance, and do not move them.

Moving someone with a spinal injury can cause further damage.

Doctor Youmans recommends the website for more information on preventing sports injuries. 

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