Signs to look for if your child suffers from asthma

When a child is diagnosed with asthma, it becomes a family effort to create a healthy living environment.

In Boston, at-home visits are helping children breath easier. "The Community Asthma Initiative" works out of Children's Hospital.

Workers visit patients' homes and look for asthma triggers like mold, animal dander and dust. They give families tools they need to cut back on those triggers, things like vacuum cleaners with special filters, mattress covers and roach traps.

Since the program started in 2005, they've seen an 85% drop in hospitalizations.

There are many signs you can look for if you suspect your child suffers from asthma. Listen for noisy breathing, check to see if your child wheezes or pants during normal physcial activity

When it comes to babies, look for difficulty sucking, and cries that sound really soft. If your child suffers from one of these symptoms, call your doctor.

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