Quick Facts of Meth and Meth use

Here's how you can spot someone who's using meth.   

According to Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base, meth has one of the highest relapse rate for addicts.

The group says here are signs someone is using meth.

1.  Euphoric state

2.  Paranoia

3.  Decreased appetite & weight loss

4.  Increased physical activity

5.  Anxiety, shaking hands, nervousness

6.  Incessant talking

7.  Increased temperature.  In some cases, users can rise to 108 degrees.

8.  Convulsions

9.  Chest pain & elevated blood pressure

10.  Dilated pupils

11.  Dry or itchy skin

12.  Acne

13.  Sweating, not related to physical activity

14.  Mood swings

15.  Picking at skin or hair

16.  Aggressive or violent behavior

17.  Depression & withdrawal 

Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration:

Street Names: Meth, Speed, Ice, Chalk, Crank, Fire, Glass, and Crystal.

Physical Effects: Methamphetamine is a toxic, addictive stimulant. Meth use dilates the pupils and produces temporary hyperactivity, euphoria, a sense of increased energy, and tremors.

To read more: http://www.justice.gov/dea/pubs/pressrel/methfact02.html

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