Scariest cancer myths debunked

Doctors respond to cancer myths

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying for any family, but  there are a lot of myths out there about the disease that certainly don't help.

According to doctors at Cleveland Clinic, some people still believe that cancer is always deadly. The truth is most cancers depending on how early they are caught are curable. Another common myth is that cancer makes your hair fall out.

The truth is most cancer patients who lose their hair lose it because of treatments like chemo. Doctors also say they get asked a lot if some people are too old to treat.

"There's no age at which we say you can't have therapy. I think what we look at most importantly how functional a person is, how healthy they are. We see many people in their 80's and even into their 90's who are healthy and active and who we're able to treat", said Dr. Michael McNamara.
Many doctors also say they get asked whether cancer is contagious. The truth is that viruses like HPV can cause some cancers but you can't catch cancer from someone who has it.


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