Researchers hope chemical can lead to medicine for aging diseases

Red wine compound could help with aging

There's more potentially good news for those who enjoy a glass of red wine.

Scientists have found more evidence that reservatrol, a compound in red grapes used to make red wine, could help prevent cell aging.

Researchers found that some mice given reservatrol had increased mitochondrial function, which is a property that can make cells more resistant to disease and aging.  A decrease in mitochondrial function can lead to diseases like Alzheimer's and diabetes.

The catch:  this only happened with very high levels of reservatrol.  One researcher said the amount given to mice in the study would be like a person drinking 100 glasses of red wine every day.

The goal is to develop synthetic resveratrol compounds that can be used to treat diseases related to aging.

The study was published in the Cell Metabolism journal.

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