Researchers believe hormone oxytocin can keep men faithful in their relationships

Take a hormone to be faithful?

You love your man, you don't want him to stray.  So how can you be sure your guy won't cheat?  German researchers say a hormone may help encourage men to be faithful.

Oxytocin can be produced through acts of cuddling, kissing, and touching.  In women, it can released during childbirth and breastfeeding.

The researchers gave 57 men a sniff of oxytocin and 29 were given a placebo, according to an article on ABC News.  They then introduced them a female whom was described as "attractive."  She would start at an ideal distance from the group and then moved to a "slightly uncomfortable" distance.

Researchers found men in monogamous relationships kept their distance.  The hormone seemed to have no effect on the single men.

"Because oxytocin is known to increase trust in people, we expected men under the influence of the hormone to allow the female experimenter to come even closer, but the direct opposite happened," lead researcher Dr. Rene Hurlemann told ABC News.

More research is needed to determine how the hormone could be administered and to figure out exactly how it affects a person's behavior.

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