Push to warn about the dangers of too much salt


NEW YORK (AP) -- Subway riders, after being cautioned about smoking, sugar and teen pregnancy, are getting a new message: Pass on the salt.
The city's Department of Health launched an ad campaign Monday urging passengers to scrutinize the salt in packaged foods and choose those with less. The ad shows two loaves of bread and zooms in on the sodium line in their nutrition labels, showing that one loaf has more than twice the sodium of the other.
"Too much salt can lead to heart attack and stroke," the ad warns.
While the tone may be serious, the approach is relatively low key for a city that has shown subway riders photographs of a woman's amputated fingers to illustrate the hazards of smoking; other subway ads featured a soda bottle pouring out what looks like globs of fat to tell people, "Don't drink yourself fat." Teen-pregnancy-prevention ads on many subway trains now feature a toddler crying and admonishing a hypothetical parent about comparatively low high school graduation rates among teens with their own children.
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