PA officials investigating med spa

BALTIMORE - Monarch Med Spa in Timonium was shut down last month after three patients developed an invasive infection. Now, the company is again under the microscope.

Officials with Pennsylvania Department of Health tell ABC2 News investigators that they are tracking an illness that could be associated with the Monarch Med Spa chain.

The department's spokeswoman said a claim is being investigated, but she would not confirm which location of the chain could be involved. Health departments in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware are all now looking into illnesses they believe could be associated with the chain.

Representatives with MD DHMH and the Baltimore County Health Department shut down the Timonium location on Tuesday, September 18.  The action was in response to the three infection cases – one resulted in death.

According to a cease and desist letter sent by DHMH, investigators observed "probable deviations from standard infection control practices."

Officials with the health department have not released the identities of the patients, but have said the infection is a form of strep.

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