Obesity campaign featuring children is raising some eyebrows

Does childhood obesity campaign go too far?

Childhood obesity is a growing concern in our nation and one Georgia based organization has produced videos to raise awareness. But the ad's desired result may not have been achieved. 

The ad created by Georgia based "Strong4Life" was designed to take childhood obesity off the back page and make it a front page issue in the state. It's a campaign that wants to fight against childhood obesity in that state amid the claims that they have one of the highest rates of obesity among children in the nation.

But when high school counselor Shayla Rice viewed it you can see in her expression that something got her attention. 

"It's alarming and you're talking about the adolescent child that's I don't believe that's the way to approach the topic. There's no denying the statistics in regards to childhood obesity however we do address it but we don't blatantly tell a child you're obese or you're fat. "

The video may be designed for obesity but may unknowingly be the cause of another childhood problem. Some experts believe the ads could promote bullying and a negative stereotype of people who are large.

The website has information to teach and educate but some feel the message could be better delivered.

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