New documents show accused Hepatitis C med technician raised red flags

When you go to the hospital, you should be able to trust the people there taking care of you.

But for dozens that wasn't the case when police say a medical technician infected them with Hepatitis C.

According to new documents obtained by CNN, the suspect caught the attention of his credentialing agency two years ago when a fellow employee found him passed out in a hospital bathroom.

David Kwiatkowski was fired from the hospital. He turned in his license but then went on to work in Philly.

He couldn't be punished because there were no criminal charges and he passed a drug test the very next day.

Kwiatkowski is accused of infecting dozens of people across the U.S. with Hepatitis C.

Authorities say he injected himself with syringes filled with a powerful painkiller and then reused the dirty needles on patients.

He was charged last week in federal court accused of stealing drugs from a New Hampshire hospital where he worked in a cardiology lab.

Kwiatkowski also worked in several hospitals here in Maryland. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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