Moveable Feast providing food to cancer patient

BALTIMORE - It's Wednesday morning, and Roseita Inman is expecting guests.

Her visitors are delivering her weekly allotment of essential foods, courtesy of Moveable Feast, a non profit providing critically ill patients with needed provisions they may otherwise go without.

"It's vital to me," she said.

The food is critical to Roseita because she's a two-time cancer survivor. "The first is Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for four years," she said. "And in March, I was diagnosed in March with breast cancer."

Since then, Roseita has undergone surgery and 33 chemotherapy treatments.

"The radiation makes you real tired. It takes all of your strength and is so draining."

There was also concern that Roseita, who lives alone, might not take care of herself, especially when it came to eating properly. That's where Moveable Feast came in.

Based in East Baltimore, Executive Director Tom Bonderenko says the program is Maryland's only nonprofit with food service as its mission for 20 years.

"We grew from a group serving 10 people in Baltimore city to where now, we serve 1200 people a week," he said.

Bonderenko describes Moveable Feast as a referral program partnering with hospitals and other non-profits for patients living in poverty and is by no means based on entitlement.

"This is a program that keeps people alive," he said. "They don't know where their next meal is coming from."

When it comes to delivering the meals, Moveable Feast three full-time drivers, 50 volunteers, and in a year, they'll deliver close to 800,000 meals.

It's that mission of providing for others that attracted Moveable Feast's Executive Chef Damon Hersh from more than 20 years of working in high-end, fine dining restaurants.

"Each meal has a goal, a purpose," he said. "There's a person attached to it. You're dealing with people who are terminally ill. They're unable to do what we take for granted."

It's that difference you can see with Roseita who continues fighting for her own health and happiness with hope for a better tomorrow.
"It's time for me to look at caring for myself and seek the healing I need," she said.

If you'd like to help Moveable Feast through volunteering or donation, visit their Web site at .

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