Mosquito season starts early this year

It's not even summer yet, but don't be surprised to see mosquitoes.

Health officials say it's going to be a bad season for mosquito bites. 

You can blame it on the mild winter we had. It's created a favorable environment for mosquitoes.

That means you're going to see mosquito season arrive earlier and it's going to be a lot worse this summer.

May typically marks the start of mosquito season. But states like Pennsylvania and California are already reporting their first cases of West Nile virus.

Health officials say the best way to avoid West Nile virus is to get rid of any standing water around your house.

Mosquitoes love to breed in puddles of water.

Also be aware foreclosed properties in your area may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes because people will dump on those properties and there will be containers where standing water will collect.   

It's also helpful to turn over any buckets or containers that can collect rain water.

And if you plan to use a little kiddie pool when it gets hot, make sure you turn those over too. 

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