Mad cow disease detected in U.S.

There's a new case of mad cow disease in this country. The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms the disease has been found in a dairy cow in California.

Despite the new case, federal health officials don't want you to worry because the animal never entered the food supply.

They say it's an isolated case, not the start of an epidemic.   

The infected dairy cow was detected through random testing at a plant in California. The plant converts animal byproducts such as tissue and bone meal into other items.

It's the country's first confirmed case of mad cow disease in 6 years.

Mad cow disease is a potentially deadly brain wasting infection that can be transferred to humans.

A devastating outbreak in Britain during the 90's killed 150 people.

The USDA says it will continue to investigate this latest case, but the agency says dairy products and meat are safe to consume.

The dead cow is in quarantine at the California plant until the USDA gives instructions on proper disposal.

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