Komen Maryland is hurting for funding

BALTIMORE, Md. - "It's been challenging...slow down a little bit."

Even with the success of the first-ever Komen Race For The Cure in Ocean City, nobody thought it was going to get this bad.

Here we are 18 days away from the 20th Race For The Cure in Hunt Valley and programs are wobbling. Women trying to co-pay for breast cancer treatment may not be able to. Single moms may not be able to afford to put food in front of their children.

That means women may not get screened.

How did we get here?

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Earlier this year, Komen national cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and then reversed its decision in three days. Did the controversy hit the local chapter?

Organizers with Komen Maryland say they have called those who aren't running and donating to find out why. And, what they are hearing is the economy is really changing their course. There are more organizations and causes.

The biggest concern in all this is that Komen has been there for you, and now they need you more than ever.

"We aren't going to go away. We will not crumble."

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